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Fun, Fun, Fun with ArtResin!

I recently got a challenge from the folks at ArtResin (

They asked if I would be willing to take 32 oz. of ArtResin and create anything I wanted with it. Of course, I said YES! Then I'd post to our website and social media to show all my friends the fun things you can do with ArtResin.

I have previously coated art with ArtResin for a rich, glossy finish. I've also used it on painted tiles to make coasters and trivets.

I have refinished a number of end tables and folding trays. Your local resale shop is a great place to get a bargain on something to up cycle. One even came from my neighbor's trash pile!

So I was ready for a new challenge. I'd been thinking about a way to use some old stained glass pieces that my father gave my many years ago. I took a stained glass class last year, but it was very labor intensive and would require a lot of equipment buying. It seemed to me that ArtResin might be an excellent way to take a short cut to a stained glass sun catcher.

I'm all about trying to use what I have on hand since creativity stops for no one and going to the store to buy what you need can be a real inspiration stopper. I had some dollar store plastic water catchers for under plants. They seemed like they might work for a base mold.

I poured a base that would fill all the indented places (about 1/4" thick). I let that set up overnight, then sanded lightly. I pulled stained glass out and based on the triangular shape reminding me of a sail, decided to make a sunset on the ocean with a sailboat in one. As an added challenge to myself, I only used pieces that were already cut to the size and shape I needed with no cutting or breaking of the glass. I poured just enough to have a light coat over the first layer then added my stained glass pieces, a few shells and then topped it off with a layer of ArtResin just thick enough to cover the stained glass. In another I just added chips of glass. After they set up, I removed the molds and glued jewelry bails on the back as hangers.

They turned out OK but I wish I had used a mold without the indentations. Next time I will get a silicone mold to use. But as an experiment, I thought this was a win. It's much easier than doing a traditional, leaded stained glass sun catcher. I will definitely be trying this again!

My next project was to make molded bowls using ArtResin. There is a really good YouTube video on the ArtResin YouTube channel that gives the directions on making these fun and beautiful bowls.

Finally, I used the same mold as before and made a seascape. Again, I would prefer not to have the ridges but it was a learning experience.

So welcome to my little slice of the Caribbean with my old and new pieces.

To use up some of the leftovers at the end, I coated some rocks for a wet look, some cabochons for jewelry and domed a poured piece in a bezel.

All in all, I had a great time playing with my fabulous gift of ArtResin. Thank you ArtResin! I had a ball!


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