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The 5 Myths of Being an Artist

The 5 Myths About Being an Artists

Are you an Artist?

Many people automatically say an emphatic “No!” But is that really the truth? If we really look deep within ourselves, we see the desire to create…something. It could be art, it could be food, it could be parenting or relationships. But that desire exists in all of us.

There are some common myths around being an artist.

Myth #1

I can’t even draw a straight line (so I can’t be artistic).

Reality: Unless you are creating a city scene or something very regimented, you don’t need the talent of drawing a straight line. Much of art is giving your impression of what you see. If you want it ultra-realistic—take a photograph.

Myth #2

I can’t even draw stick figures.

Reality: You probably won’t need the talent of doing stick figures to make a beautiful landscape, still-life or floral painting. Remember, art is all about how YOU see this beautiful world.

Myth #3

My picture would look like a kindergartener did it.

Reality: Maybe--but all good things take some learning and practice. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the process. Art is about expressing yourself in new and exciting ways. I firmly believe if you have the desire to create something artistic, you have the ability tucked away somewhere deep inside. You just need to be asbrave as a kindergartener. They enjoy the process and proudly show everyone their beautiful creations!

Myth #4

All Artists are “snooty”. I could never fit in.

Reality: Wrong! Most artists I’ve met in Bloomington-Normal have been very open, kind and generous with their encouragement.

Myth #5

Art Galleries are out of my league. I never could go there.

Reality: Those kind, open, generous artists love to share. Especially on First Fridays! Many artists open their studios so you can see where the creative juices flow on the First Friday of every month. The Galleries are also generally open then too. Bloomington-Normal is blessed to have a wide variety of art opportunities from shopping to classes to demonstrations.

Be Brave! Maybe you really ARE an artist at heart!

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