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Oil Painting


I learned used the wet on wet technique (Bob Ross or Bill Alexander) of oil painting.  I took lessons for 10 years from a student of Bob Ross.  So happy clouds and giving each tree a friend was my starting point.  I still enjoy that style of painting but have also broadened my approach a bit.  A beginner oil painting in this technique can be done in a single 3 hour class.  


Advantages of Oils:

    Blending  colors is easy and beautiful

    Oils take a long time to dry so you can blend and change your painting over and over

    Mistakes can be "erased" by removing the paint 


Disadvantages of Oils:

     Oils are typically cleaned with an odorless thinner

     Oils themself can have a smell and may be toxic to some extent (gloves provided for those who wish to use them)

     Oils take up to two weeks to dry so taking home a painting needs to be done with care


Even with it's disadvantages, oils are still my favorite.  I can get soft pastels (which I Love) much easier with oils and skies are much easier for me (which I LOVE).


Neither oils or acrylics come out of clothes easily after they have set so come prepared with a paint shirt or apron.  

Nearly any painting can be made into a note card. Note cards as priced as follows:

Small cards (4.25 x 5.5) with envelope

1 @ $3.00

2 @ $5.00

5 @ $10.00

10 @ $15.00

20 @ $28.00



Medium cards (5 x 6.5) with envelope

1 @ $5.00

2 @ $9.00

5 @ $15.00

10 @ $20.00

20 @ $30.00


All cards are blank inside.  Card front can be customized for a one-time $5.00 set up fee.  Add a scripture, quotes, sentiment (i.e. Thank You, Get Well Soon, etc.)


See below for some of my favorite class samples:

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