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For 12 years I taught art classes at a local homeless shelter.  Currently I teach painting classes in acrylics, oils and mixed media at Inside Out: Accessible Art, 200 W Monroe, Bloomington, IL.  In addition, we have started a nonprofit called Threshold To Hop, Inc. that offers art experiences to those who cannot afford to pay for art classes.  I teach a wide variety of art mediums to these non-traditional artist.  Many times people don't think they have it in them to create a thing of beauty.  Through my step-by-step process of teaching, they learn they really can do it!  They can create!  I've seen people bloom and grow because of the new confidence they get from being successful at trying something new.


 I'd love to teach you too.  Check the times for classes at or contact me to schedule a time for your group or party, your place or mine.   Groups over 10 receive a group discount.  Acrylic and Mixed media class are generally 2 hours long at the cost of $30 per person.  Oil painting classes are 3 hours long at a cost of $40 a person.  All supplies are provided.

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