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Nora Zaring, Artist and Instructor


I have always loved all things art.  As a child, I was happy with a scrap of paper and pencil as companions.  As I grew older, a tuna can became a Christmas ornament and weeds became dried flower arrangements.  I've tried and love most types of crafts and arts.  But my true love is painting.  I started taking lessons when my children were young.  My supportive husband bought me a canvas and sent me out to paint while he took care of the kids.  For 10 years I took lessons from a Bob Ross certified teacher.  So I learned on "happy clouds" and gave all my trees a "friend" at first.  But I also learned many other techniques that I have been able to incorparate into my paintings.  


I firmly believe that God created us all in His image.  Since he took joy in creating, I believe he put the desire in all of us to be creative in some way.  I love landscapes and florals.  Looking at the wonders of God's creation inspires me and just makes me want to paint.  Painting has made me look at  life differently.  I spend a lot of time thinking "What color is that?" and "How would I paint that?"  Sunsets are so magnificent!  I especially love painting skies. When you have a beautiful sky, the whole painting sings! 

For 12 years I taught art classes at a local homeless shelter.  Currently I teach painting classes in acrylics, oils and mixed media at Inside Out: Accessible Art, 200 W Monroe, Bloomington, IL.  I am also a co-founder of the nonprofit, Threshold to Hope, Inc.  We offer art experiences for those who cannot afford to pay for art classes.  Many times people don't think they have it in them to create a thing of beauty.  Through my step-by-step process of teaching, they learn they really can do it!  They can create!  I've seen people bloom and grow because of the new confidence they get from being successful at trying something new.


 I'd love to teach you too.  Contact me to schedule a time for your group or party, your place or mine.    Groups over 10 receive a group discount.  Acrylic and Mixed media class are generally 2 hours long at the cost of $30 per person.  Oil painting classes are 3 hours long at a cost of $40 a person.  All supplies are provided. See the class tab for instructional samples.

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